Sri Lanka’s ocean city, Colombo, is an enduring gateway to beautiful beaches, elegant skyscrapers and colonial buildings. Bustling markets and peppy tuk-tuks splutter their way through the streets, mingling with sleek cars, making it a city filled with charming contradictions.
On your holiday in Colombo, make it a point to explore its Buddhist temples, museums that boast spectacular collections of demon masks and centuries-old artefacts, and some of the many scenic spots that give you a stunning panoramic view of the Indian Ocean.
Once you settle on the city’s rhythm and get a chance to watch the sun as it sets behind the dusky clouds, you’ll realise that Colombo is much more than an international entry point to the country, it is a world of hidden wonders.

Current weather in Colombo

Colombo is best known for

  • Beaches
  • Culture
  • Eco-tourism
  • Nature
  • Summer

Colombo tourism essentials

Weather in Colombo:
Colombo is gifted with great weather throughout the year. The cool waves of the ocean keep the temperature at a pleasant 25°C to 30°C along the coast. The highlands are considerably cooler at 15°C to 18°C.

Best time to visit Colombo:
While Colombo has a fresh appeal every season, winter brings out the best in the city. After the heavy rains dissipate, you’ll have an emerald city to explore at your leisure. So, plan your Colombo holiday between December and March to revel in the city’s appealing weather and local festivities.

Things to do in Colombo:
● Take a relaxing stroll in Galle Face Green, Colombo’s seaside promenade.
● Visit the city’s largest park, Viharamahadevi Park, to marvel at its flowering trees.
● Go paddle boating at Beira Lake just before sunset for a spectacular view.
● Indulge in local shopping at the floating market of Pettah for an enthralling time.

Food specialities in Colombo:
For a taste of authentic Sri Lankan cuisine, dig into a succulent garlic chilli crab along with other scrumptious seafood delicacies. Enjoy creamy curries, crisp rotis and a heartening plate of lampreys. Local favourites include ambul thiyal, a sour fish curry, and thick parippu with a splash of coconut milk. Top it all off with a cup of Ceylon tea, known all over as one of the world’s finest teas.

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