Central Asia

Home to jagged mountains, fertile valleys and arid grasslands as far as the eye can see, Central Asia is as beautiful as it is remote, with ancient ruins, iconic architecture and age-old cities dotting the otherwise untouched landscape.
Conquering empires left their mark on this history-filled region, leaving behind a rich and colourful heritage, ever so present on the caravan stops of the silk road, the ruins of Gonur Tepe and the sundry of mosques and monasteries spread throughout Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia.
Persian, Russian, Eastern and Western influences are woven into the fabric of Central Asian societies, with eclectic cities, picturesque villages and remote nomadic campsites hosting a melting pot of cultures that carry forward their deep-rooted ancestral traditions while embracing modern 21st-century life.
From the breath-taking mountainous landscapes of the Caucasus and stunning Caspian Sea shores, to the never-ending Eurasian steppes and freezing deserts, there’s a wealth of natural beauty, exotic gastronomy, rich history and diverse cultural facets to explore and experience in Central Asia.