Home to beautiful mosques, spectacular mausoleums, and stunning natural settings, Uzbekistan is Central Asia’s best-kept secret. On your tour of Uzbekistan, you can explore sprawling deserts and scenic valleys, travel back in time in discovery of 5th century fortresses, relive the country’s history at UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and spend hours admiring it’s typical and exquisite Islamic architecture.
Uzbekistan's cities are almost as diverse as the country's landscape. In the capital, Tashkent, golden desert sands, impressive museums, and medieval architecture are sure to captivate you. Head to the city’s crowded bazaars and old, mud-walled townships to find out more about the locals’ unique way of life. In the city of Samarkand, time appears to have stood still. As you walk past ancient mosaic tombs and 15th century madrasas, you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of the fabled Silk Road that runs right through the heart of the city.

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