Saudi Arabia Quarantine Packages
(for passengers travelling to Saudi Arabia on flydubai only)

If you're planning on traveling or returning to Saudi Arabia and you've already booked your flydubai flight, you can easily add a hotel to build your Saudi Arabia quarantine package.
To book your hotel, just add the city in Saudi Arabia that you'll be flying to and select your check-in and check-out dates.
Please note that you'll need to add the hotel to an existing flydubai flight and are required to stay in the city you'll be landing in, so to meet Saudi Arabia's quarantine requirements.

Holidays by flydubai quarantine packages are available for passengers travelling on flydubai to Saudi Arabia only.
Passengers travelling on other airlines into Saudi Arabia should not book this package as it may not be accepted by other carriers.
Quarantine packages booked by passengers travelling on any other airline will be cancelled 48 hours prior to departure with NO refund provided.

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