Home to stunning natural diversity and beauty, rich cultural and spiritual heritage, and over one sixth of the people on Earth, India is rightfully a world of its own. Freezing Himalayan Mountains give way to green valleys and tropical jungles bathed by stunning beaches, as forts, palaces, temples and shrines dot the vast landscape of this Asian sub-continent.
The Taj Mahal, with its remarkable beauty and grandeur, stands as India’s most iconic palace, and the foremost masterpiece of the Mughal architectural style, vastly present in majestic monuments across nearby Delhi.
The style changes in port cities like Kochi, where Portuguese, Dutch, Arab and Chinese influences are still felt, as wonderfully nostalgic architecture and relics meet imposing forts from another time.
Pioneering its way in India is its largest city, Mumbai, as grand colonial buildings and hidden temples give way to shiny mirrored skyscrapers that showcase the glitz and glamour of the Bollywood film industry.

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