Bold, dramatic and replete with character, Kazakhstan is home to a host of landscapes that are guaranteed to tingle your spine. Expansive deserts, tall mountains, crystal-clear lakes, deep ravines, endless steppes – you can be sure to set your eyes on them on your tour of Kazakhstan, the world’s largest landlocked country.
Make your way to its cities, and you’ll find them equally diverse. Known until recently as Astana, Kazakhstan’s capital Nur-Sultan will captivate you with its beautiful skyline, architectural marvels and iconic museums as you tread its streets. You can delve deeper into the country’s history and culture in the ancient city of Turkistan, filled with colossal mausoleums, archaeological sites and other truly fascinating attractions. On the other hand, the city of Almaty will take care of the adventure lover and foodie in you with its amazing hiking trails and eateries that stay buzzing till dawn.

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  • Winter

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18 million
KZT (Kazakhastani Tenge)
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1 USD = 448.59 KZT
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