Age and beauty blend in this small Middle Eastern nation, graced with snow-capped mountains, rocky beaches and an almost unrivalled history.
While the ski scene thrives in the winter and the warm azure Mediterranean invites you to the beaches during summer, Lebanon’s all-year-round attraction, and its best by far, is its immensely rich heritage.
Majestic Greek and Roman temple ruins lie scattered throughout the country, while traces of ancient Phoenician fishing villages endure amidst the Ottoman architecture, still weaved into the modern cityscape of today.
Beirut, Lebanon’s capital, is among the oldest continuously populated cities in the world and reveals a cultural identity clearly shaped by its historical diversity.
This vibrant city boasts a business, arts and social scene that thousands flock to, with bohemian streets housing beautiful art galleries, quaint pavement cafés and acclaimed restaurants that serve the best of Lebanese cuisine.

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