There are cities that are home to several World Heritage Sites and then there is Prague – an entire city that has earned the title. Also recognized by UNESCO as the ‘City of Literature’, Prague welcomes you with its understated elegance and quaint yet towering appeal. As you take in the beauty of its baroque buildings, Renaissance statues and magnificent bridges, you cannot but help fall in love with the city’s architectural grace.
Gargoyle-dotted churches, majestic libraries, rows of neatly lined bridges, stunning riverside views, and imposing squares make for picture-perfect memories. Town squares echo with music and bridges reflect the laughter of happy faces as the sun sets on one of the world’s most visited cities. Come nightfall, and you get to indulge in the city’s Gothic splendour against a midnight blue skyline.
Not just a global history and art capital, Prague is also home to some fantastic cultural experiences. Right from tasting local cheeses like the smažený sýr to indulging in graffiti art on a John Lennon wall, the sheer variety of experiences that you will come across throughout your Prague tour will leave you amazed. A vibrant nightlife, leisurely river cruises, friendly locals, and touching opera acts ensure you are never too far from having some good conversation and a great time.

Current weather in Prague

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Prague tourism essentials

Weather in Prague: 

The weather in Prague typically ranges from 25°C to -3°C depending on the time of the year, and while most tourists prefer to visit during the spring and summer months, fall is equally beautiful. The Prague winter comes with its own charm in the form of snow, especially after Christmas.

Best time to visit Prague:
The best time to visit Prague is during spring and early fall – mid April to May and September to mid-October. During this time, the tourist footfalls are not at their peak and thus, the hotel prices won’t burn a hole in your pocket. If you plan your Prague trip around Christmas time, you will be overwhelmed with the city’s charming decorations, vibe, and festive spirit.

Things to do in Prague:
● Visit the 500-year-old Charles Bridge, for centuries the only crossing of the Vltava river that connected both halves of Prague.
● Head to the Prague Castle, which figures in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest coherent castle complex in the world.
● Indulge in graffiti art at Prague’s iconic John Lennon Wall, filled with Lennon and the Beatles-inspired graffiti as a tribute to the late artist.

Food specialities in Prague:
While there are several Prague activities to enjoy, there is one that you simply cannot afford to miss; and that is to try the flavourful trdelník, a traditional rolled pastry. Usually served warm with topping choices, trdelník is for those with a sweet tooth. What’s even more satisfying is the making of this pastry. So, don’t forget to head to a bakery where you can get to witness this work of art in motion.

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