Welcome to the Dubai Food Festival

The Dubai Food Festival is set to delight foodies from all corners of the world from February 26 to March 14.
It’s time to indulge in the most delicious cuisines in this gala of enticing events and culinary treats. From food trucks offering street food to fine dining with curated menus, you can sample budget offerings of pop-up eateries or savour the best delicacies in world-famous restaurants. And if you are among those involved in the restaurant business, there will plenty to learn about, as you discover the newest trends in the food industry. All of this during the best time to visit Dubai.
So what are you waiting for? Don't miss this amazing festival.
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A food date with the sea: The Beach Canteen

Among the countless events scheduled for DFF, the Beach Canteen surely takes the crown.
Hosted at Jumeirah Beach this year, with fun-packed activities for the whole family, you'll get to experience the novelty of dining at the beach in a festive atmosphere complete with live music from local bands.
Take part in food-themed competitions, attend cooking demos and instructive workshops or bite into the diverse offerings. From local to international fares and mouthwatering desserts to healthy platefuls, the choices are endless.
Open every day of the Dubai Food Festival, when the Dubai weather is just on point, this celebration of food is definitely not one to miss.

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