Colourful homes with terracotta roofs snuggled in blurry rows next to quaint castles and fairytale-inspired towers are just some of the features that make Tbilisi unique. As you take a tour of Tbilisi and walk past its mosaic-tiled spas and modern cafes, you’ll find the city’s cobblestone streets transform into a labyrinth, leaving you pleasantly confused by this contemporary city’s medieval town charm.
Georgia’s capital since the 5th century AD, Tbilisi offers some truly unique experiences like watching splendid subtropical sunsets from atop its many hilltop parks. It’s towering Ferris wheel, and statue grounds set the mood for sparkling evenings and glittering nights. Whether you follow the aroma of freshly baked khachapuris oozing with molten cheese or let yourself be guided by the glorious hue that bathes the gorgeous Narikala Fort some distance away, the dusk will have you see Tbilisi in a new light.
Visiting Tbilisi isn’t just about marvelling at the blend of Persian, German and Russian influences on the city’s architecture, but also on its culture and cuisine. In fact, one of the key lights of your tour of Tbilisi will be the culinary experiences. Not many cities can boast of serving you a Mediterranean-like spread when you feast your eyes on lush green valleys and icy river waters.

Current weather in Tbilisi

Tbilisi is best known for

  • City breaks
  • Family
  • Nightlife
  • Romance
  • Trekking
  • Weekend getaways

Tbilisi tourism essentials

Weather in Tbilisi: 

Since Tbilisi experiences a humid sub-tropical climate, it is mostly warm throughout the year except for the brief winter season. The temperature varies from 11°C to 25°C during the summer months and drops as low as 6°C to below 0°C during the winter months of December to February.

Best time to visit Tbilisi:
The spring and autumn months of March to May and September to November are recommended as the best time to visit Tbilisi.

Things to do in Tbilisi:
● Take a ride aboard the funicular to Mount Mtatsminda and soak in the city’s beauty from one of its highest points.
● Head to Jvari, a 6th century Christian monastery to appreciate its architecture as well as its stunning location atop a mountain.
● Shop memorabilia from an era gone by at the flea bazaar that is held on the city’s Dry Bridge.
● Take a walk across the New Bridge of Peace to arrive in Tbilisi’s new neighbourhoods that bear little resemblance to the timeless appeal of the Old City.

Food specialities in Tbilisi:
You are always in for surprises when it comes to Georgian cuisine. You’ll discover that the local cuisine is big on vegetables, especially flavourful tomatoes. This is because traditionally, meat was saved for occasions. Allow yourself to gorge on salad preparations, local cheese varieties, and of course, dishes cooked with walnut sauce as their base. You must also indulge in some of the other must-try culinary experiences like biting into steamed dumplings filled with soup, meat and vegetables, known as khinkalis, and don’t forget to try churchkhela as well, which are confectionaries made from grape juice and walnuts.

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