One of the oldest and most charming cities in the world, Yerevan is a place of beauty and contrasts, where wide avenues give way to cosy alleys, chic European restaurants sit alongside traditional tea houses, and street fashion ranges from babushka to hipster.
The beautiful backdrop of Mount Ararat invites you to explore the breathtaking landscapes beyond the city, but not before discovering its vibrant culture and heritage.
Immerse yourself in a truly Armenian experience by going on a walking tour of Yerevan. As you stroll down the streets of this historic city, you’ll pass under archways, stare at beautiful 19th-century balconies, admire gorgeous ancient churches and feel drawn to the many quaint road-side cafés, where the locals will regale you with tales of their country’s storied past.

Current weather in Yerevan

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Yerevan tourism essentials

Weather in Yerevan:
Yerevan has a dry continental climate with long, bright summers and brief, sharp winters. Its temperatures typically range from 26°C in summer to -2°C in winter.

Best time to visit Yerevan:
While most tourists head to the city in July and August, we recommend planning your Yerevan tour in early June when the rain has eased off, the city is in full bloom and the weather is quite pleasant.

Things to do in Yerevan:
● Escape to Lovers’ Park for a picnic or to simply admire its stunning Japanese-garden-inspired beauty.
● Head to the Cascade for spectacular views of Mount Ararat and the surrounding areas. This giant stairwell is uniquely beautiful at night when the city lights up. If you’re lucky, you may even catch a concert there.
● Shop for souvenirs at the Vernissage flea market where you can find handcrafted items such as jewellery, woven rugs, purses, clothes, toys, and vintage treasures.
● If you happen to visit Yerevan in winter, you can go ice-skating at the Yerevan Water World, which is converted into a large ice rink during the colder months.

Food specialities in Yerevan:
Armenian cuisine is world-renowned, so make sure you try out as many local delicacies on your holiday in Yerevan. Dishes like lavash, an Armenian flatbread, lahmacun, the country’s unique pizza with a dash of fresh lemon, or crayfish from Lake Sevan will be a great start to this culinary exploration. To give your meals a sweet finale, don’t forget to have their world-famous baklava.

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