Bathed by the Caspian Sea and rooted between Asia and Europe, the ‘young’ nation of Azerbaijan has long been home to many ancient cultures, peoples and empires. Baku, its capital, is the best example of this East meets West, old meets new civilisation, with its contrast of ancient fortressed city and fabulous modern architecture. The remarkably preserved UNESCO-listed Old City holds a number of medieval monuments within its cannon protected walls, while the new part of town boasts daring 21st-century buildings like the Heydar Aliyev Center and the iconic Flame Towers.
Venture inland to cities like Qabala, and you’ll find more of Azerbaijan’s rich heritage along with unique traditions, marvellous cuisine and entertainment attractions like the Qabaland theme park. And as you head deeper into the Caucasus Mountains you’ll be dazzled by vast natural beauty, as rocky peaks give way to green valleys and turquoise lakes.

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