Flaming mountains, mud volcanoes, azure ocean waters and a skyline that is as futuristic as it is reminiscent of a fortress are just some of the contradictions that are quintessentially Baku. In fact, almost every Baku travel guide will tell you about its striking mélange of styles and cultures, as Asian, European and Middle Eastern influences come together to create a truly exotic experience. However, it isn’t until you partake in local rituals such as drinking tea with strawberry jam that you’ll start to truly understand its unique blend of cultures.
As you walk down its streets, you’ll be left wondering if it’s the old-world charm or new age progress that lend Baku its magnetic appeal. Medieval-era fort walls serve as the perfect backdrop to swanky designer stores and international restaurant chain outlets – the perfect pitstops for tourists returning from sunbathing along the Caspian Sea.
A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Old City is dotted with several towering sites that transport you back in time to when the Old Silk road ran through the city. Modern-day vendors recreate the mood by calling you out to try their Beluga Caviar at the local bazaars, while just a few steps away, a Zorastrian temple, a miniature-sized book museum, and a mosque built in the 11th century, entice you to dive into the cultural melting-pot that is Baku.

Current weather in Baku

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Baku tourism essentials

Weather in Baku: 

Given its sub-tropical climate, the weather in Baku can highly vary depending on the season. The summer months see temperatures hit a pleasant 26°C while in winters, the temperatures could go down to as low as 4°C. While you can expect snow during the winter months, you can also expect rain during November.

Best time to visit Baku:
The best time to plan a Baku tour depends somewhat on your personal weather preferences. However, April to August are generally considered the best months to visit since the days are long and the weather allows you to explore the outdoors as well as spend time swimming in the Caspian Sea waters.

Things to do in Baku:
● Visit the Old Medieval City to explore Persian architecture.
● Marvel at the Flame Towers, modern-day skyscrapers that are rooted in cultural and religious beliefs.
● Take a walk down the Caspian Sea Boulevard post sunset and soak in the pleasant city lights.
● Indulge in mud spas for an experience that is as relaxing as it is rare.

Food specialities in Baku:
Whether you are relishing some fresh-off-the-pan Qutab, savoury meat pancakes or digging into pakhlava, you’ll always find yourself in the middle of an enchanting culinary experience on your Baku holiday. However, make sure you set some time aside on your itinerary to appreciate its teas, breads, and most of all, caviar.

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