From ghostly castles perched high up in the mountains to medieval towns surrounded by dense forests, Romania’s dramatic history and scenery have long been the inspiration behind many folk tales, books and movies.
Age-old castles reminiscent of the dark ages engrave the peaks of the fabled Transylvania region, while elk, wolves and bears roam freely in the dark forests of the Carpathian Mountains, surrounding isolated towns that have retained their traditional way of life for centuries.
Modern day urban Romania, however, tells a different story, with beach towns in the Black Sea flooding with tourists in summer, and large, dynamic cities bustling with life. None more so than the capital, Bucharest. Its vibrant energy shines through in the lively town centre, full of antique shops, galleries, and cafes that cater the crowded alleyways of the city, while its beautiful blend of architecture, fashion, art, and culture is evident under the gold leaf ceiling of the Romanian Athenaeum concert hall.

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