From lush green national parks in the summer to snowy ski resorts in winter and exuberant parties and festivals all year round, Serbia is the place to be when fun is concerned. Its central location at the heart of the Balkans, bordering eight countries, combined with a stunningly diverse landscape, rich heritage and bustling culture make Serbia a popular destination for nature enthusiasts, adrenaline junkies, history buffs and party goers alike.
The mountainous and forested countryside offers a variety of nature-related activities along with breath-taking views, while the towns provide an environment rich in history and culture with a collection of medieval monasteries and archaeological sites.
Venture into the cities, and you’ll find them remarkably bohemian. Novi Sad holds one of the most famous music festivals in the region, while Belgrade’s nightlife can only be described as vibrant and intense.

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Serbia is best known for

  • City breaks
  • Nightlife
  • Summer
  • Weekend getaways

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