Home to one of the greatest civilisations of the ancient world, that flourished for millennia at the banks of the River Nile, Egypt is an oasis of age-old culture and rich, unrivalled history.
The seemingly endless golden dunes of the Sahara Desert flow majestically throughout the horizon. Caravans of Bedouins accompanied by their trusty camels sparsely dot the otherwise barren landscape, as their tents invite you to brave the elements and embark on a desert adventure.
Entering the haven that is the Nile and its delta, greenery starts taking hold as the most iconic traces of the ancient Egyptian culture, the Giza Pyramids, tower above the cityscape of Cairo. Here, catacombs and museums filled with timeworn artefacts rival those found in Alexandria, where Greek and Roman influence and knowledge poured in and enriched the already thriving civilisation that made Egypt its home.

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